Iron is a problem commonly found in private well water. It leaves unsightly brown and orange stains that can ruin clothes, it can discolor the water, and sometimes it produces an offensive taste. Worse yet, iron can clog water heaters and other water using appliances, shortening their life spans and leading to costly repairs. Sometimes, reduced water pressure is a symptom of high concentrations of iron. It doesn’t take a lot of iron to produce these problems; only .3 ppm will stain toilets, tubs, sinks, and laundry. There are multiple types of iron, all of which pose problems to the home. Identifying the type of iron is critical to determining the best way to correct the problem. Therefore, a complimentary in-home water test is necessary to ascertain the best way to correct an iron problem. RainSoft manufactures a wide variety of iron filters, and Crystal Clear Water Treatment can determine which model is best for the homeowner.