Water Turning Your Hair Green?

Many homes in America use well water to cook, clean and shower. While there are positives to using well water, it also has its fair share of negatives. One of its major downfalls is the effect the metals and minerals commonly found in well water have on its users, especially their hair.

Most well water users believe that the chlorine and algae in their water turns their hair green but, in fact, it’s copper. Copper can stain fixtures and change the tint of hair, especially those who have lighter hair colors and those who dye their hair.

There are a few explanations for these unwanted effects. Natural copper, at some level, is found in all wells and can infiltrate your water. Also, Chlorine in the water can cause oxidation inside the copper pipes in your plumbing. The oxidized molecules are then carried with the water until they are deposited in your hair.

Shampoos and conditioners have been developed to fight the discoloration well water can cause in an attempt to lessen its effects. But in the end, the green color you find in your hair after a shower can be a warning sign to other serious problems you may have occurring in your well, such as thinned out plumbing and broken pipes. An experienced water treatment technician can test your water and determine the cause for the excess copper, which will protect against potential flooding and unwanted changes in hair color.

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