Acidity occurs when the PH of water is low. Generally a private well concern, acidic water is among the costliest of problems for a homeowner. Acidic water will eat away at copper plumbing as well as some water using appliances. Untreated, acidic water can lead to pinhole leaks and expensive plumbing repairs. In the case of plastic plumbing, the homeowner is generally safe from the corrosive effects of acidic water; however, some types of plastic plumbing use copper elbows and connectors.  Crystal Clear Water Treatment offers a free plumbing inspection, along with a complimentary water test, to determine if acidic water is a concern.
Acidic water will often leave blue-green stains, particularly at bathtubs and sink drains.

An acid neutralizer is used to correct acidic water. This unit releases small amounts of alkaline calcite into the water, which neutralizes the acid, raising the ph to acceptable levels. There are two sizes of acid neutralizer available. Determining which unit is best for a home is dependent on how low the ph is.

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