Purchase an Air Filtration System for a Breath of Fresh Air in Your Richmond, VA, Home

Air Filtration System Richmond VAIf you’re tired of coughing and wheezing in your Richmond, Virginia, home, an air filtration system from Crystal Clear Water Treatment can provide you with a permanent solution to your breathing problems. We offer premium whole house systems from RainSoft, an industry leader in the air treatment industry, that are designed to counteract and eliminate a wide range of airborne impurities.

While it may not be commonly known, research conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has shown that indoor air is typically anywhere from 4 to 40 times dirtier than outdoor air. This is due not to uncleanliness, but to the simple fact that homes are closed systems, and any impurities that would diffuse or blow away outdoors are instead trapped and left to concentrate over time. These impurities can cause a range of respiratory ailments ranging from mild irritation to asthma attacks and serious respiratory distress.

If you or your loved ones are tired of these adverse health effects, an AirMaster Ultra air filtration system can help. This cutting-edge product uses ultraviolet light to sterilize indoor air, destroying not only particulates like dust but also harmful bacteria, molds, and viruses. In addition to providing comprehensive protection from various impurities, the air filters we offer in Richmond, VA:

  • Install directly into your home’s ductwork, conveniently out of sight
  • Will never need filter replacement, only periodic UV lamp replacement by our highly trained techs
  • Work continuously as long as the air conditioner or heater is on, providing constant protection for your residence

To learn more about the RainSoft air filtration system solutions we offer in Richmond, VA, and neighboring areas, contact Crystal Clear Water Treatment today.