Consider a Complimentary Drinking Water Test for Your Home in Fairfax County, VA

A drinking water test can help put your mind at ease if you have concerns about the quality of your home’s water in Fairfax County, Virginia. While your water is very likely safe to drink, if it has an unusual taste, texture, or odor is bothering you, it’s always a good idea to get a home water test.

At Crystal Clear Water Treatment, we provide complimentary in-home water testing services to homeowners throughout the Fairfax County area. Our drinking water test will help bring you peace of mind in a couple of ways – first, it will conclusively and clearly reveal what impurities are causing the trouble with your home water supply. Second, it will give us a clear idea of how to approach the problem, and allow us recommend a solution that will ideally suit your needs.

If the impurities in your water turn out to be caused by sediments, excess levels of certain minerals, or high levels of additives like chlorine, the best possible solution will probably be one of our advanced RainSoft drinking water systems. These products install out of sight under your sink or in your basement, and use a multi-stage purification process to remove impurities that might ruin the taste of your water. Trusting our professionals to install one of these systems in your home will provide you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Water that tastes significantly better and is free of foul odors
  • Meals and prepared drinks (such as coffee, teas, and lemonade) will taste noticeably better
  • Ice cubes will look clearer and smell better

No matter what your drinking water test reveals, you can be confident that we’ll provide you with a system that will solve your water problems. All of the systems we carry have been independently Tested and Certified by reputable third-party groups like the Water Quality Association, so you can rest easy knowing that our equipment will perform as advertised.

To schedule a complimentary drinking water test and learn more about the many ways our RainSoft home water treatment systems can help you, contact Crystal Clear Water Treatment today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Fairfax County, VA.

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