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RainSoft Water Treatment Equipment Fredericksburg VARainSoft water conditioning and drinking water systems are designed to meet a variety of water quality challenges, providing you with effective, affordable water conditioning solutions for achieving the best possible water quality for your home. Our water conditioning systems incorporate our proprietary EC4 technology, a system that learns how your family uses water and adjusts for water consumption and salt usage, allowing your family to save money.

Our drinking water systems provide bottled water quality straight from the faucet. Ultrefiner RO drinking water systems are our premier reverse osmosis systems that utilize advanced technology for better tasting, cleaner water. Hydrefiner drinking water systems are installed under your kitchen sink and use a compressed carbon block filter to better treat and filter bad tastes and odors from your drinking water.

RainSoft air purification systems treat the entire home, not just one room. The AirMaster DFS air purifier traps allergy-causing particles such as dust, mold, pollen, dust mite debris, and pet dander. It is also highly effective at destroying microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi spores. The AirMaster DFS has a super absorbent six-stage filter designed to remove harmful chemicals, gases, and smoke, as well as household odors. It works silently and, at 34 lbs, is very portable. It plugs into any standard outlet and is effective for up to 1500 square feet of coverage.

Since 1953, RainSoft has been an innovative leader in the water treatment industry and has earned more than 75 U.S. and international patents. RainSoft offers one of the most comprehensive limited lifetime warranties in the business on our home water filtration systems and water softeners. We invest heavily in research, development, independent third-party testing, and certification programs to assure the utmost quality and reliability in all of our air and water conditioning products.


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