A rotten egg odor to the water turns showering, bathing, and drinking water into irksome activities. The stench is overpowering and can permeate the air as well. The culprit behind this problem is usually hydrogen-sulfide gas, which is a byproduct of decaying matter in a private well.

Most companies correct a sulfur smell with a chemical injection system. This is a mechanism that adds regulated amounts of chlorine to the water to mask the odor and sterilize the water. However, the amount of chlorine that is added to the water is often significant enough that a chlorine removal filter must be added after the fact to treat the excess chlorine. With Crystal Clear Water Treatment there is another way: RainSoft’s patented Oxytech system.

The Oxytech is a two tank system. The first tank oxygenates the water while the second tank, filled with a sulfur and iron-fighting media bed, finishes the job. RainSoft’s Oxytech does not add chlorine to the water so there is no need for constant maintenance.

“We are so happy with our experience with this company. We sent the water sample in and a guy came out to our home to do further testing.”

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