Sulfur Filtration System

EC4 Water Conditioning System Fredericksburg VA

The RainSoft EC4 Oxytech is ideal for treating sulfur-based odors, manganese, and extremely high iron content. This two-tank system provides a reliable supply of treated water with minimal attention.

How Does the RainSoft EC4 Oxytech Work?

First, water enters the EC4 OxyTech compressed aeration chamber. As the water passes through the compressed air chamber, the water becomes highly oxygenated. As the water continues to flow through the tank, the oxygenated water converts the iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from dissolved minerals and gases to physical particles. The highly oxygenated water then flows through the multimedia filter bed where iron, manganese, and elemental sulfur are trapped in the multimedia bed. At pre-determined intervals, the system will backwash and reduce all contaminants from the filter media.

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