Purchase a Premium Water Softener to Eliminate Hard Water in Your Richmond, VA, Home

If you’ve considered adding a water softener to your home in Richmond, Virginia, or any surrounding community, look no further than the premium products offered by Crystal Clear Water Treatment. Especially if hard water problems like dry hair and skin, soap scum and scale buildup, or filmy and cloudy dishes have become the norm in your home, our systems can provide you and your loved ones with a comprehensive solution.

Part of the reason for our extreme confidence in our water softener solutions is the fact that they’re produced by RainSoft, an esteemed worldwide leader in the home water treatment industry. These systems use a process known as ion exchange to remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause hard water and replace them with similarly charged but harmless sodium or potassium ions. The resulting water is chemically softer and much more manageable for a wide range of home uses.

Shortly after our technicians install a RainSoft water softener in your Richmond, VA, home, you’ll begin to see exactly what we mean. Some of the most notable changes you’ll observe include:

  • Soap that lathers more readily and cleans more effectively
  • Skin and hair that feel softer and less filmy after a bath or shower
  • Clothes will appear brighter after being laundered
  • Scale buildup will no longer form on water-using appliances or in plumbing
  • Crusty soap scum buildup will be a thing of the past

To learn more about the RainSoft water softener systems we offer in Richmond, VA, and all nearby areas, contact Crystal Clear Water Treatment today.

“This system is amazing! Our water had a sulfur smell to it and my hair became really dry. Couldn't recommend more!”

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