My Water Smells Bad. What’s The Problem?

Have you ever noticed a slight odor to your water? Some have described having a rotten egg odor. Well there is a legitimate explanation for this odor. This rotten egg smell is actually an indication that you have hydrogen-sulfide gas in your water which is actually a byproduct of decaying matter in a private well. It goes without saying that any water with this smell makes it virtually impossible to drink or cook with and very unpleasant to bath or shower in.

This problem cannot really be tolerated when it exists, but the good news is that it can almost always be corrected. Most companies will correct the sulfur smell by installing a chemical injection system. This system adds regulated amounts of chlorine to the water to sterilize the water and mask the odor. While correcting the smell, it can also create another problem of over-chlorinating the water. When this happens, you will frequently need to add a chlorine removal filter to treat the excess chlorine. It does work, but it requires a lot of steps.

However, there is a much better solution available to you. Crystal Clear Water Treatment uses RainSoft’s patented Oxytech system. The Oxytech is a two-tank system. The first tank oxygenates the water followed by a second tank that is equipped with an iron-fighting media bed to complete the process. RainSoft’s Oxytech system removes hydrogen-sulfide gas from the water without adding chlorine.

If you have any problems or are simply just curious about the quality of your water, call Crystal Clear Water Treatment today. We can quickly schedule an in-home water analysis at not charge. This analysis will take no longer than 30 minutes. If we identify any issues, we can present a treatment plan and if we find that your water quality is good without treatment, then you will have that piece of mind. You will benefit from this knowledge without leaving your home and without spending a dime. So, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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