Hardness is dissolved rock, usually calcium and magnesium, found in municipal and well water supplies. Hard water poses many problems; it significantly decreases the lifespan of all water using appliances, clogs plumbing, reduces water pressure, contributes to soap scum build-up in showers and tubs, and leaves behind water spots on glasses and dishes. Hardness also poses hidden costs to homeowners as it forces water heaters to work harder, raising a home’s electric bill. Hard water will dry out skin, damage hair, and increase soap usage. It also increases the amount of time needed to clean bathrooms and kitchens.

RainSoft manufactures a variety of water conditioners. Determining the right model for a household is done according to the level of hardness in the water and how much water is being used on a daily basis. A complimentary water test by Crystal Clear Water Treatment will determine which size is best for a household.

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